Basic Tips for Pool Care

1. Pool chemistry is made most easy by simply following instructions! Wherever you purchase your chemicals can help you determine the right chemical schedule for your pool. Knowing the length, width and depth of the pool will help to determine how much of what you need. 

2.If there are noticeable signs of chemical off balance (smell, color, feel) take a test sample into your local pool store. A good way to keep track of when to do what is by asking for a weekly chemical regiment.  There are also test strips for home water testing that make for a quick and easy tell of what's going on with your water. But I must reiterate that following a weekly chemical regiment takes away from any guess work.

3. I recommend vacuuming once a week and checking your pool skimmer and pump baskets regularly throughout the week. Keeping all the baskets clean is key to maintaining proper water flow. During and after vacuuming, you should be sure to watch the filter pressure on the pressure gauge, if the pressure becomes too high, then it is time to backwash.   

If there are any questions or you have a question about something not mentioned here please contact us!