Pool Openings Starting fee 250.00

Pool openings consist of removal of drained pool cover, cleaning and storing in a desired location, cleaning water tubes if applicable, return all plugs, caps, filter gauge, pump and skimmer baskets to proper running condition, installing all hand rails, light, ladders and diving board, removing all wall plugs and installing wall jets, spray down the pool deck and finally starting the pool equipment. If there is a pool heater I will attempt to light the pilot and fire. 

Attn: Water level must be to fill level to run, please ask if you have any questions!  


Pool Closings Starting fee 250.00

Pool closings begin with the lowering of pool water, this is to be done by the pool owner if there are any questions about how to do this please ask! I will remove all jets and wall drains to blow out the lines and equipment, administer antifreeze and cap, remove all plugs, caps and gauge from pool equipment, remove and submerse light (if applicable), remove hand rails ladders and diving board, cover pool, fill and place water tubes (if applicable)

Attn: There will be a fee of 75.00 if the water level has not been lowered as it is necessary to properly blow out the lines. If you would prefer me to handle lowering the water it will simply be the additional 75.00, however please be clear when we discuss your closing so I can allow the necessary time. 


Pool Drain Out and Acid wash

There are many variables and conditions that determine the cost and time of a proper drain out. I will have to come out and asses the condition of the pool which will require an assessment fee of 75.00 which will be deducted when/if the service is preformed. 


Pool Painting

Pools must be drained, cleaned out, power washed, acid washed then rinse with TSP solution prior to painting. There must be a 24 hr period of time before paint can be applied so the pool can properly dry. Weather conditions are a big deal when it comes to painting, I usually prefer to do paint jobs in early July for ideal weather conditions. Due to the various conditions of pools prior to painting i do require an assessment and fee of 75.00 which will be returned when/if the service is preformed. 


Other Services:  

  • Weekly pool maintenance and chemical Administration
  • Pool School
  • Overall Pool Assessment
  • Equipment repair and service
  • Pluming and line repair
  • Pool Liner Installation
  • Above ground pool installation

Please call with any questions about the above listed services as there are many variables and circumstances that determine their cost and availability.